Saguache, Colorado
320 Acres
8000ft altitude

Project Community: https://discord.com/channels/1121511523261616179/1121511523836239876

Beware, I can no longer participate or update any information regarding this project or Discord server as I have been banned.
Most likely for been a new person questioning a mod while having poor social skills. Not everyone claiming to be an “autistic retard” actually is one, but it appears I excel at it.
If anyone in the Odysee Ponds is interested by this project and part of the community above, I can handover this page.

Infrastructure already present:

  • 22 Bed, 24 Bath including a Lodge 3-bedroom, 3-bathroom
  • saloon/restaurant
  • general store
  • chapel
  • hotel
  • dance hall
  • 24 RV hookups
  • gun range
  • 17 stall barn


  • two ponds
  • two creeks
  • three wells

More data can be found in the discord channel I have been banned from.
From memory, I had pulled out topographic maps, a pasture layout of 34ac and other useful data I didn’t back up here.

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