“New Bethlehem” – Project – Ozarks – SOLD

SOLD: This property has been sold and is no longer available.


This property, I keep a bit quiet about it.
It appears to be a rough gem.
Note: The location on the map is a general location “Ozarks, Arkansas”, not the precise location.

Close to 600 ac
Above1200 ft altitude
Fully treed
Several active springs providing year round live water
Topography: Stream/Creek

Close enough to civilization so that people don’t get home sick,
have access to goods and services,
and fresh produces can be sold nearby for income,
yet secluded enough from the cities.

Most likely enough water flow to be able to dam an build a small lake / large pond fully on land.

1 Lodge, 1 barn and some other structures already present.

Large enough property to support a hamlet or small village.
ie, could accomodate:
a 12+ lot trailer park
a 12+ lot house development
and 4+ homesteads / farms.

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